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Give Your Kids a perfect learning experience

Sumeru Education Technology has designed an exclusive range of kids toys to keep your little ones happy and safe. The playschool toys that we offer help in creating a lively and joyful ambiance which increases the concentration level of the kids and provides a perfect learning experience.

Crafted Using the Finest Quality Wood

All our offered assortment of toys are crafted using the finest quality of raw materials, whether it’s wood or plastic or any other metal, we know very well that how to convert a simple piece of raw material into the masterpiece. Our clients can get their required range in the minimum price range.

Our Product Range Includes:

  • Play School Toys
  • Playground Slides
  • Playground Swings
  • Preschool Toys
  • Kids Rocker
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Kindergarten Furniture
  • Nursery Furniture
  • Kids Chairs
  • Ball Pool for Kids
  • Kids Fence
  • Multi Play station
  • Outdoor Play Station
  • Inflatables
  • Kids Paddle Boat
  • Montessori Equipment

Play School Toys

Sumeru Education Technology is one of the well-recognized manufacturers of play school toys for little children who are in their developing stage and understands that a good environment in the initial stages of children help them grow in a healthy manner.

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Playground Slides

There is a specific reason why we deal in manufacturing playground slides. We have got a supreme range of slides for small kids but our swings and slides can go with any age group. When your child uses his wings of imagination and slides his way, he actually lives that moment.

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Playground Swings

The playgrounds swings have always been a staple for playgrounds and offer hours of entertainment and physical activity to the children of all ages and groups. Our offered swings are knowns for their cognitive and social benefits.

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Preschool Toys

Sumeru Education Technology has designed an exclusive range of preschool toys to keep your little ones happy and safe. The playschool toys that we offer help in creating a lively and joyful ambiance which increases the concentration level of the kids and provides a perfect learning experience.

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Kids Rocker

When your baby starts to crawl or walk, he seeks a kind of support that he can use to stand still or move forward. You start giving your hands for the support but what about the days when you are so busy, that’s when our offered kids’ rockers come into play.

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Classroom Furniture

Are you looking for the classroom furniture and, that too, at the reasonable rates. If it is, then just hop into our website and choose from the exclusive collection of furniture that can augment the charm of your classroom. We have a complete assortment of furniture pieces at the leading market price.

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Kindergarten Furniture

At Sumeru Education Technology (suppliers of kindergarten furniture in India), the furniture pieces reflect the artistic and creative look and feel. The children at kindergarten are very small and unique things entice them a lot.

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Nursery Furniture

Just like kindergarten furniture, we manufacture nursery furniture pieces too. With sturdy construction, our offered products are highly popular and coveted among our customers and that’s why they keep visiting our website for all their furniture requirements.

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Kids Table

Sumeru Education Technology is one of the well-recognized producers of the table range for kids. Children can use these tables for studying, gaming, and playing. Unlike other kids table suppliers in India, we work towards a child’s growth and focus on giving only the best we can.

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Kids Chairs

There is an uncountable number of products that we deal in, one of which is the classic range of chairs for kids. Being the successful manufacturers of kids chairs in India, we manufacture different types of chairs such as plastic chairs, wooden chairs, and many more.

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Ball Pool for Kids

Sumeru Education Technology is one of the recognized manufacturers of ball pool for kids in India and is instrumental in delivering a wide gamut of ball pool which can contain approx 150 to 200 small balls and 100 large balls. Your kids can enjoy playful diving in the pool, hiding in the groups of balls.

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Kids Fence

A baby gate or child safety gate is a protective barrier which is designed to prevent babies and toddlers from accessing areas of the home where they might be unsafe such as stairways and kitchens.

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Multi Play Station

Sumeru Education Technology offers you a complete choice of products which includes multi play stations range including indoor multi play station, outdoor multi play station, play stations for kids, and many more. Apart from this, our assortment incorporates children multi play station and children play equipment.

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Play House

Are you looking for a playhouse for your children. Is it so. If yes, then why look anywhere else when you have got our back as you trusted manufacturers of play house in India. We have got years of experience in this field and have brought a wide smile on millions of faces in India.

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Outdoor Play Station

Our offered outdoor play station can be placed outside your home. Generally, these products come in a variety of sizes and shapes. If there is an ample space in your home, then you can choose massive multi play station but if there is a little room, small sized multi play stations would be the perfect choice.

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We are the leading manufacturers of Inflatables such as bouncers, play house, sofas, castle, etc and are known for having the integrity in our work and products. Our spacious production unit can store upto 2000 to 3000 inflatables and is inundated with the latest pieces of machinery.

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Trampolines are the great sources that help a child strengthen his or her bones and make the body flexible. It is a good workout regime for your child if he remains indoor and does not like to go outside.

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Kids Paddle Boat

Children usually like those products that provide enjoyment to them. Whether you take them to the entertainment zone or on a short excursion, nothing can fascinate them more than what we call DIYs which means Do It Yourself. Contact us, we are one of the topmost suppliers of kids paddle boat in India.

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Montessori Equipment

Sumeru Education Technology is instrumental in offering the Montessori equipment range which encourages self-directed learning in children. It sharpens the mind of kids through the exploration and play. This is the reason that we are the topmost producers of Montessori products.

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